Ever fancied having a go on a Dunk Tank Or Gunge Tank ? 

 You’ve come to the right place then. Here at the Dunk Tank Studio’s we are able to offer private sessions with the Gunge Tank or Dunk Tank full of gunge or water.



Sessions are somewhat limited now as we are working from home so these will need to be booked and deposits paid in ample time.


All Dunk Tank and Gunge Tank sessions are now £200.

Unfortunately we are no longer offering sessions with models.


We are hoping to offer Dunk Tank sessions from 29th April for around a week or so. This is subject to sufficient confirmed bookings.


We can offer everything from a one off dunking session in cold water , Mud or Gunge .

 We can also offer private filming of your session for your own use if you wish as well. We will edit the film for you and produce a DVD of the day for you.

The Gunge Tank sessions include sufficient gunge for multiple gungings.   We can also offer the opportunity to feature in one of `Little Hayley’s Quiz’s’ which would be filmed for you. The cost of this would be £275 including the filming. The Gunge Tank is available throughout the year and is not limited to when the Dunk Tank is available.

 We also understand some of you may want to wear different outfits or cross dress etc, this is something we are more than happy with and can assist you with this.

Once you have had your session we have a hot shower for you to clean off.

 The Sessions can be tailored around what you require , but here are some basic prices for our 1 hour sessions.

All sessions are held near Reading and have a Railway stations within walking distance.

We will require a depsoit when making bookings.



07849 180066